Setup Remote Support in less than 5 minutes.

  • Screen Sharing

    We see exactly what you see.

  • File Transfers

    If your system is missing a file, we can send it over remotely.

  • Reboot

    We can reboot your pc remotely then reconnect when it comes back up.

  • Chat

    While we repair your pc a chat box will be present to ask questions if need be.

  • Clean Up/Maintenance

    We can perform routine maintenance on your pc at a time suitable to you.

  • Affordable

    From only £10 a month with no contract and unlimited connections per month.

Main features

Coast Computers Remote Support

Have you ever had a problem with your computer or laptop but been unable to arrange a suitable time for an engineer to visit ? if the answer is yes then we have the answer for you.

For a monthly payment of £10.00 paybale by credit or debit card (through Paypal) we can repair 85% of faults without you having to move a muscle.

You simply give us a call or drop us an email saying you have a problem, we then arrange a time suitable for you, you then simply open this page in your browser and click the appropriate button at the top for either Windows or Mac users, a small download happens on your pc and then a box appears. We then simply click connect from here and a message appears on your screen saying do you want to allow Coast Computers to view your pc, once you click allow we then take over and repair your system in front of your very eyes.

Alternatively we can install the remote software on your pc so it's running whenever your computer is on, this is the most popular option due to the customer only needing to turn their computer on and then let us know that we can connect to fix it.

We only connect when you give us permission so there are no security issues regarding your files & privacy.

To get setup now click the secure Paypal link below :

If you are unsure about how the service works or would like to try it, we offer a trial period for the first week which costs £5 for the week. If you find it's not for you simply cancel the Paypal subscription and no further money will be taken.

However if you like the service there is nothing more to do, the £10.00 will be taken from your debit/credit card each month until you cancel it. No extra fees and no contract so give it a try.